Twenty Types is the first set from an ongoing self-portrait photographic series of work that plays homage to August Sanders practice, of which he photographed individuals by classification of their occupation. This work examines a cross-section of society through the re-representation of the artist himself. The study of Sanders work has allowed Klein to further investigate an inherent exploration of contemporary masculinity through a range of performances and stances shown through each of the portraits. Looking into the reinvention of identity, Klein has photographed himself as twenty different characters that have no relation to each other. Each character uses Klein’s personal clothing and objects producing biographical references. These characters display absurdity through a mixture of high and lowbrow fashion, and everyday objects that don’t necessarily have any relation to the said occupation below each image. Alongside each picture, a definition is placed that classifies the character further. Each image can transcend through time and history, displaying alternate realities of the Artists livelihood.

Twenty Types, Smooth Cotton Rag Print, 14.8 x 21cm

Ded Space Gallery

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