Progeny is an ongoing interactive mixed media installation, which originally involved a manifestation of the artist’s studio, within a gallery setting. The work’s first iteration focused on investigating the act of transmuting the self from ‘artist’ into ‘subject’. This process was enabled by the construction of a core alter ego, embodying many, through the form of a mixed media representation. This ‘ego’ emerged through an assembly of object-oriented sculptures, photography, moving image and sound. By orienting Progeny in a carefully stylised ‘studio’ environment, the audience became immersed in a curated biographical narrative as they were drawn into this participatory space, gaining a false and confused sense of intimacy with both artist and subject. Through this, Progeny’s first installation aimed to facilitate a dialogue about the role of inhabited space within the construction of identity and the intimate relationships between the living and non-living, the subject and the object.

Progeny’s subsequent evolutions removed the constructed reality of the studio and centred on participation, primarily within the musical territory of call and response. The placement of a microphone allowed the audience to once again, step into the work and this time, to speak with it and hear its response. Through the use of a Raspberry Pi and a sound scrambler/reversal/distortion application, Progeny would echo and distort the participant’s vocalisations, feeding back endless loops to create a jarring soundscape as the tortured sculpture remained fixed in a sonic mire of distorted and deteriorating imitation.  

Klein, Harry, 2018, Theorising the Subject and their Alter Ego

Progeny V,2, interactive mixed media installation, 1 x 1m, Fringe HQ, 23 Nov, 2019 


Progeny V. 2, interactive mixed media installation, 1.5 x 1.5m, Default Settings, Mothership Studios, 8th Nov, 2019 


Progeny, mixed media installation, 3 x 3m, Graduation Exhibition, 

Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, 26th Nov, 2018

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